We believe that the acknowledgement of ourselves as citizens of the earth is a concept in direct conflict with the 20th century western "philosophy" of egotistical self-importance, which to a large degree precludes compassion for others. We think this same premise inhibits our ability to look beyond the familiar boundaries of reality to which we cling so desperately. By even acknowledging the reported accounts of human-alien interaction as possible, it must be considered how closely these events mirror man's own treatment of other members of the world's community, as well as the planet itself. We believe that the alien phenomena is yet another wake up call to our own humanity.

"The inescapable profundity of the alien presence has become a source of social pathology in our time. As a culture, we have not yet learned how to tell the truth about something so huge, so strange, and so unexpected. Individuals who make an honest effort to deal with it often discover that their personal stability is at risk. Consequently, the alien presence requires us all to grow, to become stronger and clearer, and to help one another to find our way in a genuinely new world." Michael Lindemann (futurist, author and UFO investigator)

We ask you to consider posting the following announcement (with or without the preceding paragraphs) in your zine, Kyosaku. Although this information may not seem to apply directly to the subject matter of your zine, we believe that it does, as the alien phenomena personifies the moral, ethical and spiritual struggles of the 20th century which impact us all.

Say NO to deceptive alien entities.
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