"Sacred cows make great hamburgers." - Robert Reisner

Kyosaku's Haiku Korner

If it weren't for the
fact that I have no nose, I
could play saxophone.

I only eat beets
once a year, but they still taste
a whole lot like shit.

Today, I swallowed
two gerbils. I really hope
they don't reproduce.

Michael Janssen

The girl on my bus-
I saw her hand fall off. It's
in my locker now.

Hey, Ma, I lost my
tooth. Oh, I see it now. It's
stuck in Sally's neck.

Is that a nose on
the floor? I know someone who
lost one yesterday.

Mark Kennedy

You might think you did
it wrong. Well, my first time made
them bleed a bit, too.

Some of my best friends
have had this operation.
Don't worry, it's fun.

The teacher's lot is
a sad one. I'm glad I don't
have to wear a dress.

Sudama Adam Rice