"I don't know if Satan's a good idea." - Jim McNamee

The Poetry of Jim McNamee


Looking down on people from
above makes me think that
they aren't people, they are ants.
But they really are ants,
and I see that I'm just
looking at an anthill.
But then a tiny car drives
among the unmistakable ants
and I realize that they
are in fact people.
But people don't carry dead things,
and ants don't drive cars.
And my shoe's untied.
And then I notice that it is getting dark
and I better go back home.

Frame of Mind

There's a frame around my mind
That reveals my inner self
to all those who care to look at it.
        It sits there
        in the middle of
                broadly stroked highlands and
                        shimmering waters.
        A small path runs around it,
        carrying the viewer's eye
        from me and towards the
        mountains on the right.
To tell the truth, it's much more interesting.