Kyosaku Manifesto One

by Michael Janssen

The biggest problem with life is that all forms of motivation push us in the wrong directions. Our society gives us money for inconsequential work; it gives us grades for stuffing our heads with facts; it gives us material possessions for shallow movements in this vast spatial-temporal pool. All of these falsehoods that we unfortunately must hold so dear in order to survive draw us away from the things that are most crucial: love, taking risks, and the true art of living. Ideally, money and grades should be given to those who have truly reached the borders of existence, who have redefined thought processes, who have transcended the life which is merely a square dance executed to a scratchy record and have performed a tango accompanied by a full orchestra. Ultimately these shallow, meaningless rewards would be entirely and completely abolished; we should strive for these goals solely for the sake of it.

This manifesto gives birth to a new movement, a movement comprised of those who wish to live life to its most gratifying extents; who have stood naked in the snow, wearing solely a pair of boots, feeling the cold and reaffirming their existence; who have inhaled the heady dampness of a summer storm and considered it fine art, superior to that which hangs in a gallery; who have been labeled blasphemers, deviants, fools, idiots, freaks and iconoclasts, when in fact their only true crime was that of creative expression; who have searched for higher consciousness in the solace of a warm bed with a work of literature and the serpentine snakings of a saxophonist's wail; who have contemplated the beauty of a sunset, with its subtle shadings that take the sky from a deep purple to a glowing orange, interspersed with charcoal streakings of cotton candy clouds; who have compared the lapping of a wave to the transience of life; who have driven through the night with giddy companions, bleary-eyed from lack of sleep countered with obscene amounts of caffeine; who value frivolity as an art form; who wish to scatter the torn writings of haughty philosophers and snooty poets to the winds in order to escape their restrictive and immortal legacies so that new patterns of thought may reign anew; who have felt their skin vibrate from excessive laughter and believed it to be the spirit fighting its way from the body to fly free throughout the skies; and who wish to set flame to this very document which purports to expound truth, when in fact truth is nowhere to be found, and the reading of it is merely wasting time when instead life could be lived.

This movement exists to inspire anyone who has felt the above, anyone who has felt alone in this society, amidst a sea of people who ignore everyday beauty and trudge onward to meaningless goals and shallow desires. By banding together, we can lift each other to planes of higher thought, seeking out the art in life and putting that much more life in art.


Copyright 1994 Kyosaku