If We Can Kyosaku, Sokanyu

by Sudama Ayn Rand, Mister Jesus, Jumpin' Melvin, and Momentary Wisdom

By now, I bet you're saying, "This has got to be the darndest thing I've ever seen. How do I get involved with this Kawasaki movement?"

First off, it's not Kawasaki, it's Kyosaku. Adam says that you say "kyo" as once syllable because he says To-kyo and Kyo-to. but Mark says "We're Americans!" and Adam says that's fascist. So it's open to interpretation. Jim says yellow doors are interesting (that's a weird interpretation).

Mark says that you should start a Kyosaku chapter at your college, community, or workplace because you'll get a lot of booty, arrrrrrrr! (Jim said that.) If you start a club, here's some things you can do with your newfound friends who dig cool stuff: write Trout Fishing in America on people's backs, have fun, not study all day, watch The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension and laugh at the mortality of humanity, recognize the absurdity at the center of accepted understanding and replace it with a jar of jellybeans and then have a contest to guess how many beans are in the jar and the prize could be a special Shamu blimp ride to the Kyosaku pad, turn your hallway into a huge chalk mural that looks great now but will cost a hell of a lot to clean up, walk around wearing fake Pope hats and saying "I'm the Pope" in a deep voice, tattoo "Lopez!" on your hand, have a food fight with food for thought (Mark Weber said that), and watch static on TV because that's the only reality you'll see on television, because that's reality if Jim's ever seen it.

So get out there and give copies of this to people and put up posters and neat quotes and get silly people to organize and focus their powers of silliness into a big old vat of a lot of silliness and then bathe in it and float rubber duckies in it and then it will ferment and you can bottle it and sell in and call it Aunt Edna's HomeGrown Sillybrew. Most important, don't take us too seriously and don't take yourself too seriously. And never ever let 'em see you sweat.