The bee stung my bottom. Now my bottom is big! - Homer Simpson

The Cavemen Knew What It Was All About

Chris Gangemi

Linking labes that connect people by clothing
covering by nothing at all shirts bought at a mall
me feet walk the earth at first leaves and
grass people in fur no labels no malls at
first all natural only the best the first at
the worst but now the worst and the last
the labels fly like I will cry I am
sick sick sick of the place I dwell
I want to leave I want to be well
well well well and not only the
feet but the eyes search too what
the looks one will get when they
appear different so unsure shouldn't
all be how is me any different than
he I'm not you see it's all in the
head as with the dead who wore no
labels and had no malls only leaves
and grass leaves and grass leaves
and grass.