Life is a furnace, and love is the blast. - Camper Van Beethoven


by Jim McNamee

Mel came home from working at the greenhouse. He watered with the hose, the big green hose with yellow stripes that divide its highway. Mel enjoyed watering the tomatoes most of all. They really enjoyed it. Mel came home and unlocked his door. It was a door in the sense that it stood in the doorway. No one cared that it was really Steve from down the street. Inside, Mel put his pocket stuff in that bowl on the mantle. He saw an M&M candy in the bowl and ate it. Dinner. He grabbed a frozen burrito from the freezer and popped it on a microwave-safe plate. It wasn't dishwasher-safe. That didn't matter since he wouldn't clean it. The burrito required 2:30 but all the microwave could muster was 1:45. Mel sat down on the stairs with his portion and thought.

What do you think?