My Preshruck Acid Washed Head

My preshrunk acid washed head came in the mail today. That's a good thing, because now I can toss this old one upstairs in mothballs next to my old Sisters of Mercy records.

So... they got the hot water going again and I'm happy about that. I can take a shower in peace now. Trying on my new ultrareconverted acetate head, I was thinking about furniture and wondering about rooms as metaphoric souls. J Mascis has a string section now. I've got a headache now. My counterculture is turning into your classic rock, or maybe just getting old. (Trying to stay one step ahead (behind?) respectability, keeping my evil intact.)

But my preshrunk, shrink wrapped, positively reinforced, genetically strengthened, laminated, adjusted, acid washed Head just came in the mail today. I ordered it and it just came in the mail so I guess I'll be OK...

Joe Cannon