Freakish Frank, Former Marine

always rotten to the corps

did still another singularly stinging


he taught his bird dog to smoke...

it was a dingy sight

which impulsed his blissful neighbor's

14-yr-old daughter who took to

hanging around almighty daytimes

just to watch that pup puff...

"cicada whine, cicada marvelosi" she was

inspired to chant

as the exhale smoke flew out

but barely noticeable now was how

this was getting that dog into it moreso

lipping the cigarette

and dragging like a pro...

"sassy ho, buttafuc before Rambling Rio"

with banality came her

even more enthusiastic chants

thus the girl's multiplying hookey days

so passed with impunity from Frank

or other folk, for this

marvelous sight itself had become

her beloved school

Jim DeWitt