Haiku Korner

Buffalo Chicken

Are you really from New York?

Sometimes, I wonder.

Missy Melberger

                         Pez is good candy

                 Tilt the head of Mr. Hulk

                           He vomits lemon

                           Michael Janssen

My pencil only

goes so far before it hits

a nerve or a bone.

Sudama Rice

    Chair pulled out right quick.

  The bacon greets the clean floor.

        Is that a MilkBone?

             Jim Dandy

                         Coffee, cigarettes.

        Spare change for a sandwich, please.

                        Groovin' on the day.

                                  S.F. Bumm

If cows were extinct,

We would get milk from people.

That would really hurt!

Tran Huynh

        When your eyeball fell

        into my soup, I thought it

        was a bowling ball.

        Mark Kennedy