a letter from raymond

Ok, deep inside the mind of an unemployed nineteen-year-old

hey sudama man, it's ray. i'm being swept over by a wave of nothingness. can't fight it. can't see it, just feel it. shit. i don't want to do anything, so might i spew some shit in your direction pal? you're such a friend. now that i don't change my clothing on a regular basis anymore night and day don't seem to have much meaning. light and darkness pretty much the same. sounds like a metallica song. sounds like shit. if i were a can of beans would i even care? if i had a dog would he be my friend? what if he bit me? what would it mean? it would hurt. my balls hurt.


went to wal-mart last night. it was so big i got lost. i got scared. shit. if i were some place else would it be any different? who would notice. not my mom? maybe your mom would. if tonya harding were my girlfriend i'd make her shave her head. my girlfriend won't shave her head. i'm glad. but i'm not. if barry goldwater were my dad would he visit me on christmas? would he make me eat fish? i'm glad he's not my dad. i'm glad it's not christmas. did they have fish before they had tartar sauce, or did they find the fish to go with the tartar sauce? which came first, the meat or the condiment? i hate tartar sauce. too white and cold.

dig this computer man. it ain't got a soul. i'm glad. a computer with a soul would get lonely. if i had no soul would i like tartar sauce. i think i would. if i had no butt would i sit on my face? would i sit on someone else's face. shit. shit.

well sudama, me feet hurt so i shall conclude. thank you for spending this time with me. i wish you much success and bounty in the future. if you are fond of tartar sauce i hope i did not offend you. i hope i don't lose your address. i hope you don't die. i hope your dog doesn't bite you.


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