Kyosaku #3!

Although the Editors of Kyosaku enjoy seeing their work in print, they are afraid that their egos may rise to a tall height (a couple stories) and they may start printing their grocery receipts in future issues for lack of material assuming the public will adore it anyway.

We welcome submissions in the form of poetry, prose, pictures, or anything else(!) from anyone who's laughed 'til they cried, cried 'til they laughed, laughed and cried 'til the fell asleep, made a fool of themselves because there aren't enough fools anymore, made a paper-mache bowling ball and filled it with confetti for the eighth pin's birthday, opposed something in the face of belief, believed something in the face of opposition, or gone along with the crowd if it was strange and exciting (or if you just plain liked it!) Send submissions to the PO Box or to one of us via E-mail.

Table of Contents (in no particular order)

Letters to the Editors



GaI King


Freakish Frank, Former Marine

Chew That Chalk, Man


i will now fold space

Alternative Girl


Haiku Korner

What the Fuck Is...


My Preshrunk Acid Washed Head

Meditations on Death

Ahh, Breakfast

Mourning Breakfast

Just Coffee, Goddamnit

Waffle Shop Thoughts

Breakfast with Jesus