Volume One, Issue One Winter 1994

Kyosaku (n.) - The stick that Zen Masters use to whup their students upside the head, sending them on the path to higher consciousness.

Right now at this very moment you are reading the cover of a brand-new literary magazine entitled Kyosaku. This magazine is dedicated to endangered concepts. These concepts are: humor, art, philosophy, the quest for higher consciousness, uncalled-for absurdity in the face of pessimism, and unpretentiousness. I probably forgot some. Anyway, if you take a look inside, you'll find a number of interesting things, including haiku, an Ode to Grape-Nuts, poetry, a debate about how to wipe one's bum, a piece that compares dry popcorn to masturbation, and information about how to submit your own writing to Kyosaku and how you can start a chapter of the Kyosaku Society in your neighborhood or at your school or workplace. Please show this copy to your pals. We couldn't afford to produce many. If you must dispose of it, recycle.

Kyosaku 1 Contents:

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